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A Wedding Thank You and Season's Greetings on our 1st Anniversary by James Kelly

Together in Paris, September 2018

Together in Paris, September 2018

One year has flown by. Two bands are now melded onto our ring fingers. Three days of celebration stories have been shared over and over. Seventy-seven guests need to be thanked. Thousands of flowers have colored countless happy memories. And at least a million emojis have been exchanged between Linh and James. All of this since our wedding day, November 19, 2017.

Oh… and a number that most people don’t know: all of them. That’s how many celebrities across the world thanked us for providing them peace for a day because our wedding seemed to pull all the paparazzi. Kidding aside, we’re still so thankful for all the photographers, organizers, musicians and staff, and hope all our friends caught the albums we shared.

On our first anniversary today, Linh and I are back together in Hanoi, and we are reflecting back on our year, especially on our wedding day, one year ago.

Thank you!

Our gratitude is the best place to start, not only because it’s Thanksgiving this week in the States, but because our wedding happiness was truly magnified by those of you that attended and celebrated our union.

Many of you traveled so far and filled the day with so much love. We have been fortunate to see many of you through 2018 so far, and others we still plan to visit. Either way, everyone has been in our hearts and memories when we often think back to our wedding day or watch the photos go by on our digital photo frames at home. It was such a beautiful day. Thank you for being there for us to all that were able to make the hike. And to those that gave to our Worldvision cause on Crowdrise, we value your kindness and generosity. 

Since our Wedding

We’ll never forget the wedding day’s the sore cheeks from laughing, the hugs, tears and cheers of love, and tearing up the dance floor all night. Speaking of Felicity (the dancing queen that night), we can’t wait to see her, Edward, Victoria and Rob over New Years. For Christmas, we’ll be in Nantwich, England with Barb and Michael. And working backward from now, here’s a quick recap of our 2018 together:

  • We’re in Hanoi and Phu Quoc, Vietnam this week to celebrate our anniversary, seeing many friends and family, especially our dear Minh Anh and her team perform their choreographed dance in traditional Ao Dais at a school show

  • Front row at the Jay-Z and Beyonce OTR2 concert in Vancouver

  • Traipsing around Paris to revisit our old neighborhood and remember our stint living there in 2015

  • Catching up with Jeroen and Giang in Amsterdam

  • Wine tasting in the Yarra Valley, and drinking Magics in Melbourne

  • Visiting Hieu Down Under in Sydney

  • The inaugural camping trip in BC with dad Kelly and Minh Anh, and a BC wine tasting tour in the Okanagan Valley with Jill and Abhik

  • Cruising around Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm

  • Standing in the sakura snow of the Kyoto and Tokyo cherry blossom festival

  • Remembering and honoring dad Pham at his funeral after he sadly passed in January

  • And getting warm by the fire and sharing holiday family meals around the table with dad Kelly and Minh Anh in Vancouver

It has been another fast-paced, jet-setting year for us as my manager keeps us busy as usual, and by my manager, I mean my wife Linh. The only slow stuff has been waiting for Linh and Minh Anh to get their paperwork sorted to be able to come Stateside…something it seems will take at least until the summer of 2019.

As we proceed into the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Lunar New Year, we are very blessed and happy to be spending time with family and friends. Thank you for being a special part of our wedding and our lives. We wish you friends and family much love and joy this season.

-James and Linh

Fond Memories of 2016 by James Kelly

2016 was a year full of fun and adventure. To change up this blog installment, here is the video Linh and I shared on Facebook with our friends and families.

Some more quick fun facts about my 2016…

  • Linh and I got engaged on October 12 in Half Moon Bay
  • I have a new niece, Felicity, who I adore and got to visit in Jersey and can’t wait to see her again soon
  • I posted 165 times on Facebook (I’m sure that’s a record for me, but that’s what you get when you hang around with a Facebook star like Linh)
  • Linh and I went to Canada together on an extended business/pleasure adventure. It was her first time in Canada, first time meeting some of my family this year there and elsewhere, and the fall colours ;) were beautiful
  • Along that theme, we went to a hockey game. Linh’s first, my umpteenth, but it was a good match really far along in the playoffs
  • We built a garden that we love at our apartment home in San Jose
  • Linh and I both re-started painting. Although Linh was more productive in making many pieces, it has been wonderful to get back into it for us both. It’s fun to paint pieces for our friends and home
  • We ate countless oysters and in many fine establishments including *** Per Se
  • We went horseback riding on the beach
  • I traveled to a new country for me, Korea, and countless other places mostly with Linh… well I can count quite a few. Let me see: New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Dundee/wine country, Oregon, Marin, Napa (twice), Seattle (twice), Chicago (3 times), Austin, Atlanta, Miami and Orlando, Washington DC, Yosemite National Park and Tioga Pass, Lake Tahoe, Paso Robles, SLO, Morro bay, Arizona, New Jersey, (old / UK) Jersey, England (London, Manchester, Cambridge, Oxford, Nantwich…), and on the trip to Canada just Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario wine country, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Gatineau Park, Greater Vancouver and Roberts Creek on the BC Sunshine Coast.

Celebrating Teachers of Love – International Women’s Day by James Kelly

On this day I give much thanks to the women in my life and those the world over. You are great teachers of a many a feminine things near and dear to my own heart like love – a divineness I practice connectedness to in yoga – and beauty – one of the oldest facets of my profession as a marketer.

Cheers to gratitude for women’s role uplifting other women in the face of a still-finding-mutual world (link to an insightful story from J Brown on that topic that I read this week), and cheers to the timeless Shiva-Shakti relationship you provide to us men, in balancing us and in unbalancing us.